I love small penis jokes! Some may call them the lowest form of humor but they really tickle me pink. I especially love saying them to subbies either with a scathing or condescending tone. tehehehee I’ve written about my favorite small penis insults before. You can read them here and here. It’s been a while since I last posted a list of small penis jokes and I’ve got some new material for you! Here we go:

1. I didn’t know you could have two belly buttons!

2. The Mission Impossible theme song must have been written just for you, because that’s what giving a woman an orgasm is for you. Mission. Impossible.

3. Your dick is so small you probably need to wear a nut bib when you take a leak.

4. What happened? Where they running a buy one get 2 free special on circumcision when you were born or something?

5. Your dick is so small that when you don’t shave it’s like Where’s Waldo on brutal difficulty mode

6. If you laid your dick on a keyboard, it would go all the way from A to Z!

7. Your dick is so small, if your put it in a woman her immune system would attack it.

8. The only way you would ever get a blow job is if she needed a tooth pick

9. Tom Thumb could use your condoms as socks.

10. Your dick is so small Barbie would leave you for Ken.

What’s your favorite tiny dick joke? Post some below and make me laugh in the comments!