Randy the Panty Thief

Happy chocolate bunny and marshmallow chick day kinksters!  A while back, I threw a poll on Enchantrix Empire asking the community to choose a scenario for a sissy themed erotic audio. The winner became this Sissy Bridesmaid Audio. A big thank you for all the lovely feedback I have received on that one! The cool thing about that audio is that the scenario was not the only thing the EE community voted on! That sissy bridesmaid erotic audio came about based on the desires of the Enchantrix Empire hive mind! I am currently running polls for part 2 of this story, so if you want in on the fun please visit and register at EnchantrixEmpire.com and join the Written By EE group, vote in our polls and tell me the erotic audio you want!

But today, we are going to talk about the erotic audio that Enchantrix Empire didn’t want.  I had a bunch of options out there, and the scenario that I was most excited about was Randy. Randy the panty stealer. This was Randy’s prompt:

“Randy had a bad habit of stealing panties from the machines in his building’s laundromat. He had gotten away with it for years! Until one day he heard a knock on his door and his beautiful neighbor asked him to return hers.”

That dirty rotten panty pilferer! I love playing with fantasies like this during live phone sex sessions. Getting caught is such a popular humiliation fantasy. And getting caught doing something that deserves punishment, like pawing around panties that don’t belong to you, makes for an even better far more intense fantasy! The Randy the Panty Stealer prompt hits all those marks. I thought this one was going to be a really fun fantasy to play around with and I had some fun ideas for it, but alas, EE wanted a bridesmaid!

Unscripted Erotic Audios

Even though my personal favorite didn’t win in the poll, you kinksters know Mistress always wins. So I decided to bring Randy the Panty Thief to life anyways, but in a slightly different format. Instead of taking the time to write out a script, tweak and rewrite, then record, rerecord, and edit all the audio to make a well thought out, planned erotic audio and high quality recording… We’re going to improvise. I’m going to take the prompt and run with it and then share the raw audio with you all! A single take unscripted erotic audio (wish me luck!).

My hope is that we will come up with something akin to the live phone sex experience, but in erotic audio form!  Well, at least like those phone sex calls where my little subbies are being very naughty and have to stay completely quiet on their end. More excitedly, if you kinksters like this style of unscripted erotic audio, I’ll be able to post audios much more frequently! So, as always, please sound off in the comments, reach out to me on skype, over at enchantrix empire or email me at nadia@enchantrixempire.com to let me know what you think!

Miss Nadia Raw & Unscripted

Clicking the media link below will lead you to an on the spot, minimally edited and completely unscripted erotic audio. There might be bloopers. Eh, let’s face it. There will be bloopers. Maybe a lot of them! Recording quality may be questionable. I’ll probably flub up a word or two or ten. But it’ll probably be pretty hot and humiliating, cause I am hot and humiliating 😉 Randy has to pay for his panty pilfering ways and I intend to rip him a new one. Welcome to Miss Nadia Raw and Unscripted…