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Springtime is for Sissies

I am so excited about spring finally being here! The flowers are in bloom; the sun is staying up way past its bedtime, and the weather is warming up. Today the temperature hit 77 degrees Fahrenheit! (That’s 25 Celsius for the rest of the world and 298 Kelvin for my fellow nerds) This makes . . . → Read More: Springtime is for Sissies

4 Simple Words to Kill Any Man’s Ego

Needing a magnifying glass to see your dicklet… yeah. Loser.

Did you know your cock has a built in self destruct sequence? All of them do. And the sad thing is, the phrase to deflate even the most robust hard on is so much simpler then the destruct sequence 1 code 1 A . . . → Read More: 4 Simple Words to Kill Any Man’s Ego