You know how much I LOVE small penis humiliation! We’ve done top 10 lists of SPH insults before and it’s still not enough for me! So here are 10 more of my favorite soul cutting SPH insults.

10.) It’s so small you could fit a thimble over it!

9.) Normally I call guys with thin cocks “pencil dick” but you are more like a GOLF pencil

8.) That’s your dick? I thought it was a skin tag!

7.) What a cute lil’ smokie!

6.) No wonder you wear panties! There is too much extra room in the front of boxers!

5.) I thought about you while I was eating my lunch today… I was having baby carrots

4.) I can play horse shoes with your boner… and lucky charms marsh mellows…

3.) If you ever lost your dick they could transplant your pinky and it would be twice the size!

2.) Bet you have to sit when you go to the bathroom.