I LOVE Ball Busting and Spanking

Truth be told, I am sadistic as fuck. And I mean sadistic in the truest sense of the word. I get immense pleasure from inflicting pain and humiliation on others. It’s why I do what I do! Being a Mistress allows me to pursue my own sadistic interests in an ethical and consensual way!  That sadistic streak is why I love things like humiliation, ball busting and spanking!

You kinksters know how much I love humiliation! I revel in things like small penis humiliation, I love making sissies do humiliating things, and nothing makes me cum harder than when I am fucking my boyfriend with a little cuckold kneeling by the bed and listening to us! The emotional pain of humiliation can absolutely be devastating, and erotic humiliation makes me happy! But sometimes my inner sadist just needs more than that.

Sometimes I just NEED to cause actual, physical, and intense pain to a sub. That’s where kinks like ball busting and spanking come into play! I just love bending a man over and dishing out some satisfying smacks on their ass, I love seeing how red those cheeks get! There’s no better stress ball in the world than a pair of testicles. That I can just grab and squeeze so hard they threaten to POP. The SOUNDS men make when their pathetic little balls get a good swift whack are the FUNNIEST FUCKING SOUNDS IN THE WORLD. I FUCKING LOVE IT!

My only issue with ball busting and spanking is that it is rare for me to find a subbie who’s masochism level is in sync with my sadism level! Few subs have the endurance, pain tolerance, or ability to engage in pain play at a level that is cathartic to me. But every so often I have a little sub come along who is a true pain slut and I can really let loose.

I recently had the pleasure of Domming on such submissive little bitch! They were eager to please and willing to take some real abuse! We had played before so this slave had a bit of an idea of how cruel I could be, but I don’t think they realized how tickled pink I was when my little sub shared with me the variety of toys and objects they had on hand to amuse me with! One of which was a snazzy looking wooden spatula.

The spatula before a ball busting and spanking session with Me…

Just look at that nice sturdy looking wooden kitchen utensil.

Absolutely perfect for a make shift paddle for ball busting and spanking a subbie into submission! Right? Eh, turns out, NOT SO MUCH! The spatula could not handle the way I encouraged my little subbie to hit that nutsack harder and faster. To work both ass cheeks over until they were burning crimson. The poor thing (The spoon. I would never show such compassion to my collared slave!) began splintering and splitting with the heavy impacts. Then a good solid whack caused a piece to splinter off completely and fly away.

So what does a sadistic ball busting Mistress like me do when we’ve made a sub spank themselves so hard that the paddle fucking *broke* ?

I told that little subbie bitch boi to keep fucking going and make the rest of the hits fucking count. 

… And after I’ve had my way with my sub!

RIP little spatula! Ya did good.

And boy did that fucking little bitch slave make those hits count! We had the opportunity for some extended D/s fun, so throughout the week, my slave was collared, bound, gagged, locked into heels, publicly humiliated on Enchantrix Empire and subjected to some pretty intense ball busting and spanking! I made them spank themselves, and whack their balls literally *thousands* of times over the course of the week!

The aforementioned spatula was not the only casualty. We also broke a wooden spoon on those balls! Now I am starting a collection of broken kitchen utensils. Any other pain slut subs out there ready to add to it?