You now how much I love SPH. I mean fuck. Why do you think I have a blog all about humiliation!?! I thought it would be fun just to go through some of my favorite small penis humiliation insults.

So here are my top 10:

10.) Is it in yet?

9.) Awww it’s soo wittle! It’s almost cute.

8.) Hang on, let me get my magnifying glass…

7.) Instead of buying condoms, you can save so much money by buying rubber gloves and cutting off the fingers to use!

6.) Wait, never mind about that last one. No woman is going to want to fuck you anyways, guess you won’t need condoms after all.

5.) I mean seriously, can you physically even fuck a woman? Like does it reach or just brush up against the pussy lips?

4.) Men have cocks. That thing of yours doesn’t count. You’re no man.

3.) I bet you have to sit down to use the bathroom. What a bitch.

2.) Size DOES matter.

1.) LMAO!!!