While being an online Domme is great in that I have far more subbies to serve me than I would in my hometown, it does make certain aspects of Domination more difficult. Such as key holding for chastity pets.I love chastity. I mean I really really love it. Locking a guy away in a little tiny cock cage and holding his key just tickles me pink. I especially love giving cruel assignments to my chastity pets such as making them watch hours and hours of porn while in their cages!

It takes some of the fun out of it for me though, knowing that my subbies which serve me remotely have their keys so close at hand. So what’s a mean Mistress like me to do?

There have been so many methods my online pets have had. I’ve seen them freeze their keys in blocks of ice, have a sign out sheet, drop their key into a mail box destined to an imaginary address awaiting a “return to sender”.

But my favorite way to key hold long distance is to have my chastity bitch purchase a lock box and a combination lock that allows you to set your own combination. I have the subbie get on cam for me blindfolded and have them randomly set a combination. They show my the lock on camera. Once I have the combo they spin the numbers again to scramble them. I allow them to take the blindfold off. I watch as they drop their key into the box. Close the lid and click the lock on.

I am the only person in the world that knows the combination.