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I’ve Hidden Your Chastity Key

You kneel before me, blindfolded, cock tucked away in a cage going on 4 months now. It has been sooo long since you had cummies, hasn’t it pet? I know those poor little balls are aching for release. So so blue.

Well guess what!?! Today is your lucky day! I have hidden your key . . . → Read More: I’ve Hidden Your Chastity Key

Chastity Keyholding

We lovely ladies of LDW don’t key hold in the traditional sense when it comes to chastity.  So sometimes we have to get creative. Some ladies have had their pets freeze their keys in a block of ice, or send them off in the mail to an imaginary address just to see how long . . . → Read More: Chastity Keyholding

Why Chastity?

Recently I have had a wave of callers who have wanted to try chastity for the first time. Several of which have asked me to control the lock – Oh those poor dears they don’t know what they are getting themselves in for, do they? Being Mistress Nadia’s chastity pet is not an easy position!

. . . → Read More: Why Chastity?

My Top 10 Favorite Fetishes: #5 Chastity

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More Anniversary Promo News: On Tuesday November 17th, call anytime between 12:01AM EST and 11:59PM EST and you can talk to 2 Mistresses for the price of 1, for the first 10 minutes of your call! Click here for more info.

And now, on with the count down!  This one . . . → Read More: My Top 10 Favorite Fetishes: #5 Chastity

Picking Your Chastity Cage

If chastity is something that appeals to you then you are going to need to get a device. Well I mean there is the whole notion of mental chastity and I suppose that is a valid option.. but meh. I want to hear that satisfying “click” of the lock and knowing you can’t get . . . → Read More: Picking Your Chastity Cage

Chastity Humiliation

There are many humiliating ways for a Mistress to have absolute control over you. one of my personal favorites is by using a cock cage. For me, there isn’t much that beats the pathetic pleas of a pet going through the circles of chastity hell.  

There you are, your worthless little dicklet is locked . . . → Read More: Chastity Humiliation

Chastity Training: Know Your Limits

One of the most important things when working out a chastity training plan with your Mistress is a frank discussion of your personal limits. Personal limits have to do with your lifestyle, experience and preferences. What I mean by lifestyle is that rules for a single male chastity pet living alone would . . . → Read More: Chastity Training: Know Your Limits