It is no secret around here that I absolutely LOVE humiliation! It is by far my most favorite kink of all time. Humiliation is just an integral part of the Domme/sub experience for me. Emotional pain play is so exhilarating and breaks down mental barriers allowing the subject to slip deep into sub space and experience new erotic highs. Humiliation of all flavors contributes to this dynamic, and I certainly do enjoy playing with all sorts of humiliation topics, but nothing quite establishes the D/s dynamic as quickly or as visually as CFNM humiliation does!

What is CFNM Humiliation?

CFNM is an acronym which means Clothed Female Naked Male, pretty self explanatory right? The submissive males strips down and exposes himself completely, while the dominant Mistress remains fully clothed. The naked male is on display, ready to be commented on, objectified or used however his Mistress sees fit. When I am engaging in a CFNM humiliation session you KNOW I will be whipping out the tape measure at some point to find out just how deserving you are of some sph. CFNM and small penis humiliation just go hand in hand with one another, but getting to see and make fun of a little bitty dicky is not the only appeal of CFNM for me.

CFNM Makes Me Laugh

I’m one of the fortunate few who genuinely gets to do something I love for a living. I have so much fun on my calls here, and thoroughly enjoyed my past real time sessions. I’ve found that some of the most fun sessions I have ever had have been CFNM. Not much elicits such genuine laughter from me as a session where my little subby is crawling around naked with bits dangling and that ass bare and exposed. Nudity is pretty well tied to the comedic zeitgeist and CFNM sessions allows me to thoroughly laugh my ass off.

CFNM Makes You Feel So Vulnerable

Everyone has at least heard of the nightmare trope of being naked in front of the classroom, if they haven’t experienced it themselves! It’s as ubiquitous as the teeth falling out dream. It’s prevalent for a reason. Being naked in front of a group is a universal anxiety. It makes you feel so vulnerable, exposed and uneasy. The kink of CNFM taps into these primal fears. As a Mistress that enjoys a good mind fuck, this creates the perfect playground for me and sets the stage for you to deeply feel the erotic humiliation that you deserve. CNFM humiliation is a fun dynamic to play with and such a powerful tool, that’s why you will NEVER get to see me naked!

Ways to Explore CFNM Humiliation

During humiliation phone sex calls, I often instruct my subbies to strip down. Even if I am not physically there, I’ve found that having my pets naked during our call helps them slip down deep into sub space more readily. For my pets that prefer to up the ante a little and crave a more humiliating and real experience, one of my favorite way to explore CNFM humiliation here in the enchantrix empire is by having my subbies put on a cam show for myself and my fellow Mistresses. We’ll get to see you, but you don’t get to see us! I love showing my subbies off to the other Mistresses here so they can all get a good laugh from those little bitch boys.

If you would like to set up a CFNM session or have any questions about how to do so, feel free to reach out to me at my email: or on skype: enchantrixnadia