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For anyone who was taken by surprise of the fact my absolute favorite type of call is humiliation… Well obviously your IQ is smaller then your dick! And considering that the vast majority of the readers here at Humiliation Nation are teeny weenies how fucking stupid can you get?

What it is: See the above. Long story short: I make fun of you. For what ever it is about you that you are insecure about. What ever it is that makes you a loser. Dick too small. Too fat. Too poor. Too ugly. No confidence. Race. Religion. Sexuality. What you’re wearing. I also make you do humiliating things. Wearing panties. Sucking cock. Public assignments. Ass licking. Being a piece of furniture. House bitch chores.

Why I like it: I just love to laugh!!! And it’s just plain fun to be so fucking mean


P.S Don’t forget 30 and 60 minute sessions are a discounted rate for the rest of the month! Perfect time for a good humiliation phone sex session