You know how much I love hearing squeals of pain and whimpers of shame from my pets, but did you know there is another sound I relish – the agonizing groans on those rare occasions when I decide that I *will* let you cum, but I make sure you don’t get a chance to actually enjoy your release?

That’s right my pets – I am talking about a ruined orgasm.

Perhaps I will instruct you to stroke that cock for me to the edge and over it – to the point of no return. Oh, it will feel so good, that hand sliding up and down your cock. My voice whispering dirty and naughty things into your ear. Bringing you to new heights of pleasure. Think about how excited you will be when I tell you, “Yes my pet. You will cum tonight”. You will be in heaven – right up to the point until my voice hardens and I demand you take your hands off that cock. Ceasing all stimulation. That cock of yours will twitch and thrash about. Oh, you will get to cum – but with that stimulation gone your orgasm will be unsatisfying and unfulfilling. Completely ruined.

Or maybe I will be feeling especially devilish and right as you bring yourself to the edge, I have you grab the head and upper part of your cock and just squeeze. Tightly. Bringing that orgasm to a screeching and painful halt. There are so many ways I can ruin it.