For as much as I love causing intense emotional pain with humiliation, I also really enjoy causing physical pain with CBT! The whimpers, squeals, and moans of pain really excite me. We often talk about how submissives get deep into sub space, but did you know that there is Domme space too? Pain play gets me there fast  and keeps me in very easily. I have to watch myself as it can bring out my most cruel and wicked impulses (Which is why when we do out pain play sessions it is important that we use a safe word!)

Some of my favorite and milder CBT games are played with rubber bands. They are easily to obtain, cause a fair amount of pain, and are generally pretty safe options (As long as you are not stretching and folding them over). These make them excellent choices for beginners at CBT. Not to say they aren’t also fun for more experienced pain plays either though!

One of my favorite games to play with rubber bands is the snapping ladder. Get your cock nice and hard, and put a rubber band snugly around the base of your cock, another right behind the head, and space the rest out evenly along the shaft. The game is simple, start at the base, pull the rubber band back as far as you can stomach, then let it go! SNAP! Work your way up the cock hitting every band and then back down again! (I just love the double snapping near that sensitive head!)

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