Hey cocksuckers! Turn a trick and get a treat

Hey cocksuckers! Turn a trick and get a treat

I won’t be around for calls tonight (at least not until very late) as Ty and I are going out for some Halloween fun!!! I’m scrambling to get us some last minute costumes together. For Ty, I raided the Christmas decoration box from the attic and grabbed a big red bow. I’m making up a gift tag that says To: Women From: God. ‘Cause let’s face it, with his 9 1/2 big black cock he pretty much is God’s gift to women. For myself – TOGA PARTY!!! Woo! I’m Taking purple sheets and draping myself a Goddess outfit.

As you can see, this year we aren’t so much dressing up as we are going out as ourselves 😉

I want to wish everyone a safe and fun night! If you are dressing up I’d love to hear what you are wearing so sound off in the comments!

Happy Halloween!


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