One thing I require of all my subbies is for them to engage in a little bit of Mistress Body Worship. I am your Goddess after all. Body Worship helps to remind a subbie of their place, and your place is at my feet. So of course foot worship is a natural choice for my mandatory body worship sessions.

What a treat it will be for you too. Getting to touch, smell and taste my beautiful, sexy, feet. Getting up close and personal with those cute little toes, that soft round heel, that delicate arch and those wrinkled soles.Some of my favorite activities for foot worship include:

Objectification – I will turn you into my foot rest. Imagine laying on the floor right in front of my couch while I rest my feet right on your face. Or perhaps I will have you on all fours while my tootsies are perched up on your back.

Pedicures – This one if perfect for my sissies. I’ll have you file my nails and feet (you don’t even want to know what I have planed with the shavings from my ped egg!), apply lotion, and paint my toe nails. You had better have a steady hand with that polish. Punishment for coloring outside the lines with be swift and severe.

Foot Rubs – This one if probably my personal favorite. I love having a subbie down on his knees rubbing my feet for hours. And I mean HOURS. A true test of endurance and devotion.

What’s your favorite way to worship your Mistress’s feet? Write me a reply on the post to let me know!