I like for almost all of my sissies to go through fag training. Either with myself and my extensive strap on collection or with real men. Fag training is important for sissies as it really helps them fall deep into sub space. The burn of humiliation, and stirrings of feminine impulses makes fag training a natural fit.

As much as I love using my strap on for this important job, there is a certain thrill about watching my pets take care of a real man. It gives me a tingle and I have found the majority of my pets, once they get over the initial hump, find it to be a very very intense and erotic experience. Spank bank material for years to come!

As far as using real men go, I certainly do have a preference for black men. I love me a big black cock. Black men typically have very masculine characteristics which makes for a wonderfully kinky juxtaposition when I have my totally femmed and transitioned sissy kneeling at his feet. It makes me very excited to see how eager my sissies are to worship that big black cock.

For any of sissies out there who are ready to undergo their fag training with a Mistress and a nice BBC, my boyfriend is available to join us on calls! He is a young, fit, black man sporting nearly 9 inches of big black cock! Calls with him are by appointment only and will be charged at $3.50 per minute. Please reach out to me at nadia@enchantrixempire.com if you would like to set up a couple’s call.