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I am often asked “What are you into?”. I thought it would be fun if  during the month of October we did a little count down discussing what my top 10 favorite things to talk about on our phone sex calls! So without further ado let’s get on to number 10

# 10 – Dr. Pohl’s Laboratory

What it is: So this first entry is a bit of a cheat, as it isn’t just one fetish. Instead I’m going to group together those fantasies that simply can’t be acted out in real life (AKA meat world). Those super fun fetishes that are only enjoyed through creative avenues – Shrinking fetish,  Magical Transformations, Vore, and Sci Fi.

You see, at times I fancy myself the mad scientist. I’d love to build all sorts of rays, and  synthesize pills that cause wild transformations in my test subjects. A shrinking ray that will shrink a man down to 1 inch tall, a new hormone pill that will cause a man to become a woman, a super radio transmitter that puts SETI to shame and invites extra terrestrial “friends” to look to earthborn males for their breeding programs, inventing various machines for the training and control of male slaves,  a matter re arranger that will turn you, or parts of you, into a tasty snack.

Why I like it: These fetishes aren’t so much of a sexual turn on for me as they are an intellectual one! My favorite thing about these is my chance to be off the wall creative. I love describing all the odd sensations you would feel. Like the way the hormone pills makes you nipples tingle as the grow longer, stretching your skin as breasts swell onto your chest. Or how the cold metal table caused significant shrinkage as the aliens laid you out on it before warming their probe. These are some of the most fun calls I have! Besides that, it’s also the closest I’ll probably get to actually using that fancy schmancy degree I worked so hard for 😛

As a side note, due to the nature of these fantasies I’ve found out they work really really well as sexy texting sessions.

Stay tuned for more!