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On-The-Go Snack for Cum Eaters

Have you ever seen those on the go yogurt snacks? The ones that come in the long tubes so you don’t need a spoon to eat them? You just squeeze from the bottom and push that creamy goodness out of the tube and into your mouth.

Well, my nasty little cum suckers can have a similar snack.

I am talking about eating cum out of a condom. Either your own, or what your hot wife brings back from her date with her bull lover.

With the flavored condoms available out there, you can even have flavored cum snacks.

So, come on you nasty little cum sucks. Fill those condoms and take your treat with you when you are out and about. Maybe you need a little protein boost while waiting in line at the toll booth, or you want to add some extra “cream” to your iced latte. Maybe you can sneak it into the movie theater and sprinkle it on your popcorn.

So many uses for your conveniently wrapped snack.


2 comments to On-The-Go Snack for Cum Eaters

  • haha! I love this post. The thought of cum flavored snacks being carried around in pockets is funny to me. I think there should be a cum dispensary where guys can go get their fill of cum snacks! – Ms Cecilia

  • Empress Rayne

    Wow Ms. Nadia! This is an awesome idea…I hope you secured the copyright for it before putting it out there in the universe. 😉 Truly innovative! Perfect for the cum sluts to have their favorite snack available at all times.

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