Imagine yourself down on your knees by the side of my bed. Watching while my boyfriend’s big black cock enters my pussy, his fat mushroom cap head stretching me out as his long veiny shaft follows to fill me up. You can see on my face how much I love the feeling of being stuffed full of BBC. My toes curl as my arms reach around his neck, pulling him down to give me a long deep kiss. His strong hands roughly cup my tit and he runs his thumb across my nipple making me shudder. He begins to thrust in and out, the scent of my pussy fills your nostrils as his pace increases – eliciting more and more moans from me.

My legs wrap around his waist and my hands scratch down my back as I meet his every thrust getting closer and closer to orgasm. With one final deep thrust he lets out a low grunt and blows his load right into my pussy. Pushing me over the edge into my own screaming orgasm. He collapses onto me and I turn my head to you.

“This is why I won’t have sex with you. You could never fuck me like this.”

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