In my post “The Truth About The Female Orgasm” we discussed the 3 reasons that keep you from being a real man. Why you are unable to sexually satisfy a woman. The cold hard (or not hard as the case may be) truth is that if you are a minute man, a limp noodle, or a teeny weeny you just are NOT capable of making a woman cum with your “dick”. You may think you can make up for it with your tongue, or with toys. And perhaps that will work – for a little while. But for us woman it is just not the same as having a nice pussy stretching cock fucking us. Slipping in and out of our cunts. Pressing against our G spot. Our thrusts meeting against that of our lovers and then getting a nice big load. Mmmm. Those are the BEST orgasms ever.

The sad truth is that most men fall into at least one of the three categories. Don’t believe me? The numbers don’t lie:

– 18 Million men in the US suffer from Erectile Dysfunction. Out of those 1 in 4 are UNDER the age of 40

– 30% of men suffer from premature ejaculation in. That’s 1 in 3! The average time it take a man to cum is LESS then 3 minutes.

– The average erect penis length is a LAUGHABLE 4.5 to 5.1 inches depending on which study you read.

The real men, the hung-like-a-horse guys who can fuck all night long, are in high demand and in short supply. There simply are not enough of them for all the women to settle down into a relationship with. Which brings us to cuckolding. You see, being a little cuckie means you get to give your woman all the companionship, love, and security of a committed relationship. The Bulls get to service multiple women and the injustice of the cosmic joke that makes most ‘men’ losers in bed is righted.

The purpose of cuckolding is to give YOU purpose. And that’s why you should be a cuckold.

– Nadia