I promise I am going to get through this blog post without making any lame doublemint gum jokes.

I love two Mistress calls! They are some of the most fun I have ever had as a phone sex Domme! Two sexy ladies playing with their little toy – it’s awesome. In this post I just want to highlight some of the reasons why 2 girl calls are just more fun, and maybe spark some ideas for the next time you want to double your trouble.

  • The Mistresses build off one another. One lady will say something that sparks an idea in the other. The sparks get flying and it becomes obvious two devious minds are better then one.
  • You can the most intense game of pass the penis. Instead of having to go back to dispatch and then be introduced to the next stroke instructor you can just be ping ponged between the ladies on your multi Mistress call (FYI you can talk to more then 2 girls as well! A party line of 3, 4 or even more can be had) . Lady 1 can have you stroke up and down very fast until the first edge, then lady 2 takes over and might make you twist your hand back and forth for that second edge. They’ll just keep passing you back and forth until you can’t take it any more!
  • A bit of Good Cop / Bad Cop can make for some very interesting sessions. Perhaps you can pair up a very strict humiliating Mistress such as myself, with a softer, more sensual Domme. The stark contrast between our styles can be very exciting.
  • For the little sissies and fems out there who always wanted to be one of the girls. It’s the perfect opportunity to live out what it would be like hanging out with your besties for girl’s night out.
  • Some fantasies just play out better with two ladies! Especially for my humiliation sluts who get off on the idea of being exposed to and laughed at by multiple women.

So next time you call in to be humiliated by me, tell the dispatcher you want to double your pleasure and double your fun by doing a two Mistress call!

Ok. So I lied about my promise not to make any dumb gum jokes.