One of my favorite toys in my Domination tool kit are my skin safe tattoo markers (I’m partial to the Bic brand tattoo markers). I have always been a fan of Domination and Humiliation games (shocking, I know), and skin safe markers are just another fun way to play with that dynamic! There are all sorts of ways to use them in kink. Here are a few examples that I have done recently:

The last time I went to a kink party, all the Mistresses used markers to claim our subbies! I had my pet crawling around naked with big lettering that said “Ms. Nadia’s BITCHBOI” ! It was so much fun!

I’ve used the body markers to make wonderful feminine temporary tattoos for femboys and crossdressers to feel more girly. A cute little butterfly on the ankle that will stick around a few days after our session really helps to extend those wonderful feelings and can feel so naughty to have hidden away when they are back to presenting as masculine.

I’ve also used them to make sissies tattoos for the purpose of humiliation. Nothing like a big old tramp stamp to make a sissy feel like a whore!

But one of my absolute favorite ways are to use the markers for online public humiliation! I have quite a few clients who will call me and write whatever I tell them to all over there bodies. “Insert Cock Here” On their cheek with an arrow pointing to their mouth. “I have a small penis” across their chest. “Fat Fuck” on their beer bellies. Etc. After I have them adorned with the messages, I make them get on webcam and show it off! And not just to me 😉