Lately I’ve had a string of little dicked bitches who try to justify their usefulness to woman by claiming they are really good with their tongue.


Nope. It doesn’t work that way. When it comes to pleasing a woman size really does matter. You see women are capable of two kinds of orgasms. The sweet little clitoral orgasms that even shrimp dicks can give with their tongue. But then you have the toe curling, bed sheet grabbing, mind blowing, full body orgasm that a woman can only get from both G spot stimulation and clitoral stimulation combined.

Basically the kind of stimulation she can get from a big, hard, cock that completely stretches her out and fills her up. Those are the kinds of orgasms that women crave. That get them coming back for more and more. The kind of orgasm they NEED.

The kind of orgasm that your pathetic little thing just cant give her. The kind of orgasm you tongue can’t give her either.