Something that all my dick having readers need to understand is that women are capable of multiple types of orgasms, little fluttering ones, long wavey ones, ones that go BOOM, ones that sneak up on us, wet ones, dry ones, big ones, small ones – what can I say? We can be complicated creatures.

But there is one type of orgasm that unfortunately many women don’t get to experience, but all of them crave. The  only orgasm that us size queens will ever accept. I am talking about the full bodied, bed sheet grabbing, toe curling, back arching, mind blowling transcendent experience when a woman cums while being stretched out by a BIG cock. the feeling of  having cock touching every part of your pussy all at once of just being full of cock while cumming – It is utterly amazing. Practically indescribable. Once a woman experiences it once though – she craves it. No other orgasm will satisfy her.

The last time I fucked my boyfriend, his 9inch cock felt so good, I came *twice* before he had even fully entered me. We really didn’t even do a lot of foreplay. I just got so excited by the thought of how big he is. They are that awesome.

If you have a small, or honestly even average sized dick, you just don’t have the equipment to give a woman this kind of orgasm. Yeah, you can make her feel good. I guess. But it really just isn’t the same.

Women need big cocks to have the best kind of orgasm.