I have a long list of things I love to make fun of my callers for. I just love being a mean girl and truly enjoy a good laugh at a loser’s expense. Small penis humiliation is at the very top of that list. Cuckie and Sissy humiliation is a close second. Body shaming for the shorties, fatties, and wimps is also fun, and let’s not forget the limp noodles and two pump chumps. Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation is ripe grounds for humiliation as well.

Another humiliation topic that comes up frequently is chronic masturbation. I have little stroker pets who just can’t help but keep their hand off their dickies! Always reaching into their pants to rub one out. These little tuggers deserve just as much humiliation as anyone else who calls my line.

If you have to masturbate chronically to have your sexual needs met, you clearly are just not man enough to get laid regularly enough. That makes you a total fucking loser to begin with. BUT then you have to consider that chronic masturbation leads to self sabotage. When the chronic masturbator DOES finally find woman who is willing to spread her legs for him – all that prick tugging is going to catch up with him.

You see, the chronic masturbators are so desperate to tug their cocks so frequently, they end up with bad masturbation habits. Dry rubbing and death grips. A far different stimulation from lovely lady bits. When chronic masturbators get the chance at pussy their performance is always so pathetic. They can’t keep it up. They shoot too quick. Or can’t at all.

Such fucking losers.