Recently I have had a wave of callers who have wanted to try chastity for the first time. Several of which have asked me to control the lock – Oh those poor dears they don’t know what they are getting themselves in for, do they? Being Mistress Nadia’s chastity pet is not an easy position!

But the question remains…Why chastity?

Being in a chaste relationship, either with a Mistress or even with your partner can be a very, very erotic experience. Giving up total control and never knowing when or if you will be released heightens every level of arousal. Depriving yourself of sexual release or pleasure for an extended period of time leads to the most mind blowing and earth shattering orgasms you have ever had when your Mistress lets you out, that is. My most recent chastity pet ended up cumming like Peter North after 30 days of my chastity training.

Not to mention how incredibly submissive you will become. The first few days of chastity is fun and exciting. Around day three you will get to be antsy. The next two weeks are tough. You will be seriously reconsidering the entire notion. Then things get a little better; you think you can do it, hell you KNOW you can… for about a week. After that, you will be clawing at the cage and having naughty thoughts about cantaloupes in the grocery store. Once you have transcended through all those stages of chastity, you will be most tractable. All I will have to do is jingle your key… and you will be snapping to attention and doing my bidding for even the slight possibility I will unlock you.