Those new to cuckolding may stumble across the term “Bull” and wonder what exactly it means.

In the context of a cuckold relationship a bull is a sexually dominate male who pleases the women sexually. Bulls are usually fit, attractive and well hung. Basically all the things that you are not. Women naturally gravitate towards men who are bulls. They are the stuff of every woman’s dream. When they came up with tall, dark, and handsome they definitely had a bull in mind! Simply puy, a bull lover is what your wife needs in order to have a fulfilling sex life.

Bulls are an important part of the cuckolding experience. The whole idea is for your wife to go out and get fucked by someone else after all! It can be hard for new cucks to get used to the idea of a bull being around, but it is important that they do.

If you would like a real cuckold phone sex experience, and want to become accustomed to having a real man around, my very own bull lover is available to join us on calls!  Cuckold calls with a bull on the line are a ton of fun! He can be an active part of the call and your fantasy or he can just lay back and enjoy all the attention I will be giving him instead of you 😉 Calls with my bull are by appointment only and will be charged at the rate of $3.50 per minute. Please reach out to me at to set up an appointment and discuss what you have in mind for a call.