We had our first taste of spring weather here this week! We hit our first 70 + degree day of the year with some nice full sun! It was so lovely and I just had to get out of the house, I decided to take a book and go hit up the patio at my favorite coffee shop (Fun fact: Mistress Nadia *hates* the taste of coffee. I love the smell, but bleh. Can’t figure out how to drink the stuff. I am a tea person).

So here I am, engrossed in book, when all of a sudden I hear a woman say in an incredulous tone, and probably much louder than she intended, “What do you even DO with something that small!?”

Well, I definitely couldn’t keep reading after that, could I? So I switched to a bit of people watching and focused on these two gorgeous ladies. They were both laughing their asses off. It became clear as their conversation continued that they were talking about a recent, and most definitely failed, date.

The disappointed one held up her fingers about 2 inches apart.

“I’m not even kidding. It was like this!”

“Oh my god. That’s not normal is it? Like does he have a medical problem?”

“The fuck if I know. I got out of there quick and blocked his tiny dicked ass”

I was smiling to myself about this exchange. I momentarily wondered if any of the men in earshot were tiny dicked losers as well, and if like so many of my callers were just starting to squirm with the erotic burn of humiliation, but you know the issue with pin pricks – even if the guy had a raging hard on, it is not like anyone would be able to tell.

I love spotting a humiliation in the wild!