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And now, on with the count down!  This one ties in very nicely with the previous post about denial, because number five on my top ten count down is… chastity!

What it is: A step further then just denying you an orgasm. In fact, you won’t be able to stroke at all as that worthless little thing will be locked away in a cage. You can look but there will be no touching. And as for getting out? Well, I control the key so you’ll only be getting out when I allow it. And who knows when that will be? I have had pets in chastity for lengths of time that would be best measured in months. A few even years.

Why I like it: It combines my very favorite things! Denial, pain and humiliation!!! Nothing can break a man quite like long term chastity. It’s so much fun seeing how desperate they become. Besides chastity makes pets much much more obedient.

– Nadia