What better day for some self humiliation than April Fools Day? I’m currently working on an epic prank to play on Reese, but here are some fun self humiliation tasks so you can make a fool of yourself today!

For Cum Eaters: Get some lube and plain pasta. It’s fettuccine al-gay-do for dinner tonight.

For Sissies: Go to your nearest pharmacy and purchase a tube of cock sucker red lipstick. After it is paid for, go find the sunglasses display in the store and use the mirror on the display to apply your lipstick

For Tiny Dicked Losers: Grab your cell phone, and take that tiny cock on an sph photo shoot! Rub your little nub and get it as “impressive” as you can manage. Then take pictures of it with a variety of common household objects for scale.

For Foot Fetishists: Go to your favorite shoe store and swipe a pair of the disposable socks out of the garbage can.

Bonus points if you do all four!

(Disclaimer: Bonus points can only be redeemed for extra humiliation from me. They won’t get you out of your cock cage any sooner)