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Be My Throne: A Quick Guide to Queening

Queening, also known as throning, is one of my favorite forms of body worship! Probably because it is one of the most humiliating ways to worship your Fem Domme. And you fucktards know how much I like humiliation.

Queening and throning refer to a sub’s proper place. Underneath the ass of his Queen. Literally as her throne.

It is my absolute favorite positions for ass worship. There are multiple methods of Queening. Different styles of face sitting: elegant face sitting, power face sitting, smothering. Different face sitting positions. There is queening that is not face sitting at all but uses various types of dungeon furniture. And of course, wonderful ways to make queening even more humiliating. More than just having your nose pressed up against an ass hole that is LMAO

My next few blog posts will be all about queening! But if you can’t wait and want to know more about queening and find out which lovely ladies of LDW offer it? Then head on over to to read some essays and meet the Queens.



4 comments to Be My Throne: A Quick Guide to Queening

  • Queening is a privilege, and it’s only right that if Mistress Nadia even allows you near that gorgeous ass that you exercise that mouth and tongue and worship her properly. Face sitting on a subbie’s mug is also a great way to keep them quiet, after all no one needs to hear them talk, licking and sucking are the best forms of communication for letting mistress know how much you appreciate her!

  • Since I think everywhere I place my little porcelain derrière is by definition my throne, I could not help but love this post, Ms. Nadia. I agree with Ms. Rayne that there’s nothing quite as much fun as having a seat on one of the most comfy thrones there is, a submissive’s waiting face! Thank you for a post that is both amusing AND informative!

  • Queening is so much fun! What better way to reinforce the fact that the female truly holds the power in the relationship. It feels so good sitting up nice and tall while your devoted sub licks and tastes to YOUR heart’s delight. Who wouldn’t enjoy such a sexy position?

  • Empress Rayne

    Love this form of ass worship! So much fun to sit right down on your human throne and let them show proper respect to those pretty little cheeks and that pucker! As one of the “Queens” of be my throne you so graciously highlighted in this post, I also love the humiliation aspect and appreciate a subbie that can really get into that part of it as well!

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