While queening and face sitting are often used interchangeably, there is a type of queening that technically isn’t face sitting at all!

And it’s all thanks to dungeon furniture. A queening stool or a smother box can be a fun addition to your home dungeon. There are several benefits for using a queening stool as opposed to traditional face sitting, namely the comfort of the Domme. Instead of crouching down and being in an awkward position, the Mistress can set comfortably. This of course allows for much longer sessions. I’ve had the pleasure of multi hour long queening sessions be use of stools.

Another thing I especially enjoy about using the dungeon furniture is that it gives me more control over allowing my pet to have physical contact with my body. I am not a Mistress apt to allow my slaves to touch me – I am a Goddess after all and few who walk this planet are truly worthy of such a treat! Most pets only deserve my dirty little asshole. Using a stool allows them access to my pink starfish while denying them the pleasure of being in contact with my smooth toned legs. I rather enjoy the humiliation of that.