Welcome to the conclusion of my quick guide to queening! Of course, you know I saved the best for last. We’ll wrap this micro series up with the humiliation of face sitting.

I’ve touched on aspects of face sitting humiliation throughout this blog series. The humiliation of literally being beneath someone else, the humiliation of having to lick and clean an asshole, are par for the course with queening. However, as a Humiliatrix, finding ways to increase the humiliation of  my slaves is always a priority for me. The way I love to kick the humiliation factor of queening up a notch is by including objectification and aspects of the ignore fetish.

I truly want to use you, in the most literal of the meaning. I will make you nothing but a piece of furniture, dehumanize you by treating you as an inanimate object. You’ll lay there, on your back and my ass well be pressed against your face. I will be your whole world at that moment. All you can see smell, taste and feel would be my glorious butt.

And I won’t even acknowledge your existence. I’ll be painting my nails, because you are an insignificant little worm, barely even useful as a cushion.