What  I love about face sitting, in general, is it literally puts a man in his place, beneath a woman and kissing her ass! There are, however, multiple styles of face sitting, each with their own merits. Here is a quick guide:

Regular Face Sitting: The woman sits on the man’s face, her body facing away from his. This is the best position for pussy worship. It is also a good position for humiliation face sitting, as she is looking away from her sub. Not paying him any attention

Reverse Face Sitting: The woman sits on the man’s face, her body facing towards his. Perfect position for ass worship. Also a good position for humiliation, as she can see the man’s body and make fun of his tiny cock or fat rolls. (This is Miss Nadia you’re talking to, ANY position is good for humiliation)

Elegant Face Sitting: Elegant face sitting, is where the woman perches daintily on the man’s face. Allowing him to have a rather free range of motion so he can worship her effectively with his tongue.

Power Face Sitting: This one is less about body worship and more about total domination and control. The Mistress allows her full weight to pin the pathetic bitch helplessly down. Smothering happens during power face sitting sessions.

So what is your favorite face sitting style and position? Me? I am rather fond of reverse power sitting.