If Dwayne Johnson's cock was a boat THIS would be it *swoon*

If Dwayne Johnson’s cock was a boat THIS would be it *swoon*

My mind is still on the beach, I can’t wait to head back to the sand! That, combined with my love for small penis humiliation phone sex calls, has had me thinking of the old myth that size doesn’t matter. Mostly when it is phrased in that cute nautical way:

“It’s not the size of the boat – it’s the motion of the ocean.”

And that is absolute bullshit. That was a saying made up by a deluded little pricked loser. Probably as a comeback, when after seeing his pint sized pecker for the first time, a beautiful woman started laughing uncontrollably.  The response to that ridiculousness is:

“But when I want to cross the Atlantic I want to be in a yacht, not a little dinghy”

Size most certainly DOES matter for most women. I for one hate the thought of a small penis. It makes me (sea)sick just thinking about a tiny little willy. Ok enough of the nautical jokes. Seriously though, I can not stress this enough, Women do not want men with little dicklets. We don’t even want men with average cocks. We want BIG cocks. Nice thick pussy stretchers. Cocks that make us scream.

If you’re hung like a tic tac then there is only one way your little thing can make a woman smile. By allowing them to LAUGH at your unfortunate excuse for a cock.

I really enjoy small penis humiliation calls. It just tickles me pink when I answer the phone and hear your timid voice telling me how your willy is only 4 inches!!! I practically crack a rib from laughing so hard!  I also love showing those vienna sausage dickies off to all my girlfriends here at LDW – so they can laugh too!

You’ll learn to love the small penis humiliation since it keeps us girls so happy, and besides at least your thingy is getting some attention when we point and laugh.

So even though you could never make a woman cum with your little worm – keep your fish bait in the boat… It’s good for a laugh!

Ok. So I lied. I had to throw another bad pun in there.