I was recently having a nice chat with a little dicked subby bitch boi, and a topic near and dear to my heart came up, Big Black Cocks! My little subby sent me on a trip down memory lane when he asked:

“When did you know you were such a size queen?”

This is a question I’ve gotten a few times over the years, and I can remember the exact moment that I knew.

When I was in college, several of my girlfriends and I got into a joke-gift war. We would but each other weird or embarrassing gifts for one another. Hemorrhoid cream, underwear with fart filters, pube conditioner – you get the idea. Well at some point during our exchange I was gifted with a comically large dildo. This thing was GIGANTIC. An uber realistic and absolutely HUGE black cock. I laughed at it, and threw it in a tote thinking I would never use such a thing!

Fast forward several months later. I was between boyfriends. I was horny. I was spending some alone time with my vibe and the unthinkable happened. Dead batteries. Try as I might I wasn’t getting anywhere without the buzz. I was getting frustrated. I needed that relief. I remembered that joke cock and thought maybe I should try it?

Easier said than done. It was honestly a bit of a struggle to get such a large dildo inside. Lots of lube and perseverance later and POP. In it went!

OMG. I had never cum so fast or so hard in my entire life up to that point. It was near instantaneous. I couldn’t believe how quickly I got there. I didn’t even get to stroke it in and out! I used that dildo many times after that, and each time it was the same: Mind blowing orgasm.

Oh. And all my girlfriends got extra large dildos on the next round of joke gifts.