Somethings can never be looked upon innocently again.

Somethings can never be looked upon innocently again.

Just the other day I had the most delightful two mistress phone sex call along side my dear friend and fellow Mistress – Ms. Lilly. It was over three hours of one of my favorite types of sessions –CBT (Cock and Ball Torment for those not in the know).

I love being a Mean Mistress. It’s during the phone sex calls where I get to draw upon my inner sadist that I have the most fun. I love being cruel. I love hearing little whimpers and those howls of pain. It is a fantastic release for me. Every time my little pain slut makes those delightful sounds of agony, I can’t help but let out raucous laughter. There is something inherently humiliating about hurting yourself for the amusement of others. I tell you to hit those balls. You do. I laugh and tell you to hit them again, but harder. You do and then squeal. That is the humiliation of CBT. And it makes me very very happy.

I do have to give mad props to the little pain slut that endured such a lengthy session. He has pleased me and he has earned a gold star! Curious as to what we did to him during a multi hour CBT session?

Well we started with some paddling of the balls, He had to have them 500 times during the full course of the call! When those little filth filled balls needed a break, we turned him over and worked that ass over. Even stuffing him with a 10 inch dildo and hammering it in with aforementioned paddle. There was a lot of squeezing and pinching. Nipple clamps biting down on those sensitive nubs and being twisted. Ms Lilly had him whip up some of her napalm lube and put a clothes pin zip line on him. I had him take more clothes pins on the head of his cock and whack them off. Then I showed him how I was able to kick his balls over the phone with the help of a handy tube sock and a tape measure.

Oh. And of course we did not let him cum. He did ask for some sadistic Mistresses after all, and nothing hurts more then a case of blue balls!

– Nadia