There isn’t much more out there as humiliating and degrading as objectifying someone. One of my favorite ways to do so is to strip you of all your humanity and reduce you to being a mere piece of furniture. I will pay as much attention to you as I do my coffee table – absolutely zero, that is until I am ready to use you.

Perhaps I will make YOU my coffee table. You will kneel there. Quietly. My hot coffee mug balanced on your bare back, and if you fuck up and spill my beverage… your punishment will be swift and severe.

Or maybe you will kneel in my study, as a human footstool. Left alone day and night until I fancy curling up in my armchair with a good book, and perching my tired feet on your back.

And speaking of feet… I may also use you as my doormat. Literally. You will be required to lay by the front door. Flat on your back. When I come home from a long day out, I will step on you and wipe the dirt and grime off onto your chest and face. If I “accidentally” step on your balls… Oh well.