Cuckold Phone Sex

I recently had a very hot cuckold call that my boyfriend Reese joined in on! It was with a little cuckie who I have been doing calls with for a few years now. (If you happen to be the caller in question, thank you for such a fun call! I can’t wait to do it again!) This little cuckie also happens to be a pain slut, and you kinksters KNOW how I feel about pain!  So this cuck has always fantasized about watching his wife get railed by a BBC bull while being made to inflect pain on himself. What can I say, some just crave the both the burn of cuckold humiliation and the gut punch of cbt at the same time! And I abso-fucking-lutely approve of that!

Over the years we’ve chatted and brain stormed so many different ways he could do that! We’ve sketched out ideas for punishment chairs, we’ve talked about setting up a metal chastity cage that would zap that pathetic little dicklet of his every time his wife came on her lovers cock, and of course we’ve discussed just how much his wife would love a BBC. How she would sound while she was getting stuffed and filled by a big, thick, pussy stretcher. My caller finally got brave enough to set up an appointment for a cuckold call with Reese and I together and it led to not only one of the hottest phone sex calls I have had professionally, but honestly one of the best lays of my life. (Top 10 easily).

One of the Hottest Cuckold Calls I Have Had

My little cuckie boy set up his play area by sprinkling dry rice on the bathroom floor to kneel in. He tied up his balls nice and tight. Then he picked up his favorite ball whacking leather strap and dialed in. Reese and I had been waiting for his call, we were already in our bed. I was stroking Reese’s 9 inch black cock while I answered. We introduced ourselves and didn’t waste time getting into it! I commanded my little bitch to go and kneel in the rice. Then I put my phone on speaker and set it right on the side of our bed.

Reese was raring to go. His cock was so hard as it pressed up against me. I wanted to feel him inside me right then and there! However, cocks as large as Reese’s require a little preparation to take. Reese started kissing his way down my neck and I told my cuck it was time to pick up his strap. Reese flicked his tongue across my nipple right as my cuck’s strap made its first contact with his little filth filled balls. Reese worked his way down to my pussy while I worked over the cuck’s nuts. The combination of Reese’s tongue and the little whimpers of my ball busting cuck sent me right to the moon. I encouraged a particularly hard smack of the balls that caused the most delightful squeal from my sub! THAT one even elicited a laugh from Reese. And let me tell you, the vibration from that sent my right over the edge and I had my first orgasm of the evening.

The first, but most definitely not the last! Reese slid his way back up my body and I told my cuck he was about to fuck me. Then I made my cuck beg for it. It was so fuckin hot hearing my subbie beg for mt boyfriend to fuck me. Reese kissed me deeply. I tasted myself on his lips as he sunk his cock into me. My cuckold whimpered and I imagined the way he was squirming! Reese allowed me to adjust with a few slow and steady strokes. It wasn’t long before I was wrapping my legs around his waist and pulling him in deeper. My god it felt so fucking good. My pussy was soaking wet as he filled me with his big black cock. I was really pushing my cuck hard to with his ball busting. Another especially hard smack of his brought about my second orgasm of the night. This time I came all over Reese’s cock.

I could tell that Reese was getting close, So I pushed him off of me so we could get into his favorite position. Even masculine guys like Reese appreciate a woman on top ;). I straddled him and impaled myself back on his thick dick. I rode him hard and fast. The whole time I had Reese inside me I was encouraging my cuck to keep up with his ball busting. I started up with the verbal humiliation. Reminding my cuck that with such a small little dicklet, he could never fill a woman the way Reese can. That he would never be able to please a woman and make her cum. My favorite part though, was when I made that little cuck admit to Reese just how small his dick was!

Reese really gets into it when we have a little dicked white boi on the line. He grabbed my hips and lifted me up so he could thrust up into me. He was slamming that cock into me so hard I could barely get a word out to my cuck. Luckily, Reese was able to pick up the slack there and he called my cuck a pathetic little bitch while I moaned out how good his big black cock felt inside of me. Reese couldn’t hold back any longer and he let out such a sexy moan when he did. Feeling his cock spasm inside of me as jet after jet of his cum flooded my pussy set me off again. O number 3!

It was one really fucking hot cuckold call!

Want a Cuckold Call with Us?

Calls with myself and my bull Reese can be arranged by appointment at the current two Mistress call rate ($4.59 as of 5/31/24. Current rates can always be found at We can sometimes do same day appointments, but Reese does like to keep busy so 24 hours advance will give you the best chance at me wrangling that stud. He is generally available between 7pm – 12am EST, but we can work appointments in outside those hours as his vanilla work schedule allows. If you would like to set up a cuckold call (or another fantasy that would benefit from a male voice!) Please reach out to me at and let me know the fantasy that you want to explore and we can set up a day and time for the three of us to have some dirty fun.