One of the most humiliating things about cuckolding, and of course by result one of my favorite things about it, is the contrasting way a Cuckoldress treats her lover; in comparison to how she treats her cuck.

The way she lets his cock cum whenever and wherever he wants, while the cuckie’s pathetic excuse for a dicklet has been in chastity for months on end. The way she lets him give her a kiss goodbye in the morning; but only lets cuck french her sweaty ass after a work out. The way she will tenderly rub and massage his balls; while cuckie gets nothing but CBT. The way she desires him sexually and WANTS to be with him, while she legitimately forgets where she left cuckie’s chastity key.

I just fucking love it.

It can be very exhilarating (and even a little scary) for cuckie when he first sees that contrast in his wife’s behavior start to emerge and then grow. But it’s only natural for Her to feel that way toward a real man; a man who isn’t some locked up sissy and can give her what she’s been craving. What she wants; what she needs! An earth-shattering; spine tingling; bed breaking; nail raking; shoulder biting; neighbor’s just called the cops – orgasm that she’s never, ever experienced with you.

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