Ok. Admission time. You know that I love playtime with my cuckies and my sissies. You know that I have a sharp tongue and that my laughter is real when I get into a good verbal humiliation session – especially when it involves small penis humiliation. And you know that I absolutely have no problem saying “no” during tease and denial time. I really do enjoy these.

But I think my all time favorite play session is when I have a honest to kink god pain slut on the phone. There is something about hearing those whimpers and squeals that really get me going. Making you swat those balls. Put clothes pins on that cock head and then slapping them off. I love cock and ball torment.

But here’s the thing. I don’t want to break my toys – breaking my toys means I don’t get to play with them again. So in order for us to have fun here are the ABCs of CBT!

A is for Accrue! There is only so much fun we can have with just your hands. I know when the mood strikes you don’t want to wait, but I promise it is soooo much better if you take some time to contact you Destroyer of Balls before you call. Reason being I have lots of ideas to turn various house hold objects into wonderful purveyors of pain. So send me an email, or shoot me an IM and ask what things I will need you to bring. So much fun to be had with a sock, a bottle of water, clothespins, shoelaces, toothpaste, clothesline and rubberbands.

B is for Boundaries! Expect to spend the first few minutes of the call establishing boundaries. Yours and mine. I’ll want to know what your past CBT experience is. What you pain tolerance is like and how far you want to be pushed. We will also decide on a safe word or other system (I’m fond of green light, yellow light, and red light) at this point as well.

C is for Call!!! Come on pain slut. I want to play


For more CBT fun visit the blog I share with the FABULOUS Ms. Lilly – https://www.ballbustingphonesex.com !