I am so excited about spring finally being here! The flowers are in bloom; the sun is staying up way past its bedtime, and the weather is warming up. Today the temperature hit 77 degrees Fahrenheit! (That’s 25 Celsius for the rest of the world and 298 Kelvin for my fellow nerds) This makes me a very very happy Mistress! In fact, I was in SUCH a good mood I even let a long time denial caller have his cummies today (Don’t think you will have that pleasure again anytime soon slut).

In addition to putting your favorite cockteasing Mistress in a good mood, warm weather means it is finally time to break out the sandals and sundresses again! Just think of all those lovely and very girlie colors. Coral pink nail polish, a posh teal sundress, canary yellow flip flops and cotton candy pink lip gloss!

So of course springtime is the perfect time to play dress up with my sissies! Putting you into a perfect pair of little cotton panties, waxing or shaving those legs, so they are silky smooth, fitting you into a fluttery sun dress, finding a cute tote to use as a purse, filing & painting those toenails, and slipping those sissy feet into a wonderful pair of wedge sandals! The perfect spring time sissy outfit!

What’s your favorite thing about the season?

– Nadia