It’s Spring! And springtime is for sissies.That means it is time for some fun spring-themed sissy assignments.

Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year again. Time to do a deep clean of your home. Why not make this chore a little more fun by sissifying it?

Sissy Maid Challenge

Get into a sexy little sissy maid outfit and get scrubbing! If you are up for a sexy challenge, try enacting my “no hands allowed” rule. The floors are washed by sponges duct taped to your knees, bathroom scrubbed with a toothbrush held between your teeth, and the dusting? Shove that duster handle up your ass and shake it!

Sissy Laundry Assignment

Take all of your sissy clothes. Those pretty dresses, panties, stockings, all your favorite pieces of lingerie, give them a good wash and then hang them outside on a clothes line to dry. They’ll smell so nice and feel so fresh for their time in the sun, and you will feel so exposed for having all your naughty things out in public view.

Florals for Sissies

Brighten up the room with a fresh floral arrangement. Everything is blooming outside, bring some of those blooms in for the season! Head out to your local florist and pick a gorgeous bouquet for yourself. If any one asks who you are buying for, you have to confess the truth! These aren’t for wifey. Not for mom. They are for YOU!

Did you enjoy these assignments? If so sound off in the comments or give me a call and tell me all about it!