Well hello there pets,

I hope you enjoyed Ms. Erika’s Blindfolded Edging Exhibit.

She is totally right you know, sensory deprivation really is an exquisite form of torment.

I am a life-long torment aficionado. There is nothing I love more than pushing a man to his limits mental, and physical.

Especially physical.

I love inflicting pain. I love making men hurt. I love hearing them whimper. I love making them cry.

So I welcome you to my exhibit. Look upon in horror the devices I use for my favorite game: CBT

Wartenberg Wheel

Look at those viscous spiked teeth. It rolls across the skin of your cock like a paint roller, digging them into your flesh based on the pressure I give. I especially love making them criss cross across your balls.

Clothes Pins

Such an innocent common everyday object. Until I have a hold of them that is. Because they are going right on the head of your cock. They bite down at first, but then the pain dulls. You won’t think it is so bad. But the dull pain starts rising and rising until the ache becomes unbearable. You’ll beg for me to remove them, and for once, I will be happy to oblige. You see, taking them off, letting that blood rush back in, is even more painful then keeping them on!


Well, you wouldn’t want My hand to hurt doing all this ball busting now would you? Here we have quite the assortment of leather floggers and whips. Some are sturdy paddles, some are stinging whips. A wooden spoon or spatula will do in a pinch as well.


An absolute classic. Tie them around your balls, and all around that cock. Gives nice pressure and keeps the appendage hard so more damage can be inflicted. Also allows me to hang weights. It always brings a smile to my face to make a man do squat jumps, staring with a heavy weight attached to his balls resting on the floor.

Hot Sauce

After all the torment I put you through, wouldn’t it be nice to have some pleasure? I will happily give you a handy J – using hot sauce as the lube! When I am not busting balls and humiliating men (or setting up fun haunted museum exhibits!) I love to garden. As a North Carolina native and Chili Head, I am happy to say that this year I had quite the harvest of the hottest pepper in the world – the Carolina Reaper. Upwards of 2,000,000 scoville units. Imagine the burn.

These are just some of the instruments of CBT I dug out of the dungeon and brought to our Spooky Museum. After the tour, why don’t you stop by and I can show you some more?


Time to move along now pets. Head over to Ms. Audrey on October 25th to see your next exhibit!