Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

One thing that I pride myself on as a Mistress is my ingenuity when it comes to deriving the most wicked of punishments and tasks. Far too often the sluts that call me, call unprepared. This disappoints me. It is not a pleasant experience for those who disappoint me. A spanking is in order for those who do! Luckily over the years I have developed quite the arsenal of everyday items that can be used to inflict pain to the subs which need punishment and even pleasure to the ones who deserve a treat. So even if you don’t have a well stocked toy chest – don’t worry, we can still have a fantastic session!

One of my favorite spanking implements already lurking about at home?

The wooden spoon.

You see, the wooden spoon makes a perfect impromptu paddle for when corporal punishment needs to be dealt out. And you KNOW how much I love spanking the ass of a slave until it is bright red! Each and every little yelp of pain makes my panties wetter and wetter. It warms my heart and brings a smile to my face after the session is done and I watch them wince, especially when I command my pet to have a seat.

Besides the pain, there is also that distinctive twinge of humiliation felt while under going Punishment By Spoon. Often a sub’s face becomes just as bright red as his ass.  There is a definite connection, or recollection of being scolded by a parent which can be very embarrassing while you are bent over naked!

Using everyday objects in our play time can lead to some major mind fuckery when you start associating them with the sweet release of submission, like when weeks after our play session when you are cooking dinner and you won’t help to remember the stinging of your ass!