Sissy Sandal Challenge for the weekend!

This weekend you’re going for a walk in the park. In flip flops. With nail polish.

That’s right pets. You heard me. This public humiliation assignment for sissies and pansy boys is all about toeing the line, and seeing if you get caught! Let’s see how many people notice your naughty, girlie little secret.

For this one, we will have a few levels depending on how much risk you feel you can take on, and just how much of a rush you want to feel!

Easy mode: Just use a bit of clear top coat. No one will notice.

Normal Mode: Use a nice nude, light pink, or french tip yourself. You’ll get a lot of is he or isn’t he second glances.

Hard Core Mode: Go for broke! BRIGHT HOT PINK! ROYAL PURPLE! SEX ON A STICK RED! Your peepers WILL be noticed. Strut your stuff. Feel all those eyes on you.