It’s shark week again! Sharks are my favorite animal, so I treat this week as a national holiday on par with Christmas, Superbowl Sunday, and my Birthday. (And yes, I do consider all of those as national holidays!) So if you have been wondering where I have been this week – I’ve been logging out for shark documentaries. 😛

As I write this there is a documentary about Bull sharks on. Bull sharks are amazing, one of the more aggressive species and absolutely pumped full of testosterone.

My dear Ty is a personal trainer and obsessed with his T levels. I have so much shit in my cabinets, supplements and whatnot to help a man optimize his testosterone levels.

I can’t complain too much about all the clutter, I certainly do reap the rewards. Ty is in fantastic shape, well muscled, huge cock, sexually aggressive in all the right ways, driven, and he fucking smells amazing. In other words he is a “real man”.

Real men these days seem to be in short supply. Cuckolding is becoming all the more common. One of my most vanilla girlfriends even confessed to me that she was seeing a guy on the side, just for the sex. More and more sissies are out and flaunting their gurlie sides.

Studies are showing that testosterone levels are in decline world wide. The average man in the 1960s had higher serum testosterone concentrations then men today. Much higher. Of course, no one really knows the reason behind the global feminization of men. Perhaps it is a side effect of the rise in average BMIs, or the estrogen like chemicals in plastics leeching into our food and water.

Doesn’t really matter to me. Low testosterone levels is just another way that you are not a real man. Seems to me, that low testosterone humiliation has a place right along side erectile dysfunction humiliation, small penis humiliation, and premature ejaculation humiliation.

Hmm. Can’t wait to call some pathetic bitch boi a small dicked, quick draw, limp noodle with no man juice!!!