I hope everyone is having a happy and safe New Year’s Eve 🙂 I thought it would be fun to end 2015 with a blast from the past! Anyone remember these sexy word of the day’s from my old blog?

Today’s word is:

réchauffé  (\ray-shoh-FAY\)

: something presented in a new form without change of substance : rehash
: a warmed-over dish of food

The Mistress stood over her pet as he furiously stroked his cock over a bowl. She smiled down at him.

“Now we aren’t going to have the same little problem we did last time are we?”

“Oh n-n-no Mistress. Their won’t be any problem. I’ll do it for you. I will eat my cum” the slave stuttered.

“You’ve already disappointed me once before when it came to clean – up duty. You completely lost the urge once you had your orgasm. Maybe you shouldn’t have one at all.”

“Oh please Mistress! I am so close! I need to cum so bad! I promise I will eat every last drop!” begged the slave

“Get your hands off that cock!” the Mistress Barked.

The Mistress bent over and placed a bowl on the floor in front of her pet. Inside was a gelatinous mass.

“This is your load from last time. I froze it and thawed it out before you started stroking for me. Since you were such a disappointment before, and you didn’t have the balls to eat fresh cum. You will be eating your cum réchauffé! Oh, and you won’t touch that twitching dick between your legs again until every last drop is gone”

The ache of the slave’s blue balls won out. He dropped his head and eagerly lapped up every last drop of his thawed out cum.

Ms Nadia

Thanks dictionary.com!