I love hearing the moans of agony after I have edged my pets again and again, bringing them to the brink of climax and making stop. The most delicious moan for me though? It the sound they make after I demand they take their hands off their fucking cocks and they watch as their cum dribbles out with out the wonderful feeling of full release and orgasm.

Yep. I am talking about the sounds they make when I totally ruin their orgasm. .

That unfulfilling, unsatisfying end to a long stroking session brings me so much joy. You can just feel the anguish through the phone. It is fucking fantastic.Generally speaking, I prefer not to allow orgasms at all, but when I am feeling generous enough to allow them, ruined orgasms are my preferred type ;).

I  just love watching an untouched cock twitch and thrash as is leaks jizz everywhere. I love how disappointed they are when it happens. It makes me laugh like fucking crazy.when they just cry out “oh god it’s coming out” without actually feeling much of anything.

I remember the first time I ever ruined a man’s orgasm. In fact, it was kinda how I got into becoming a Domme. I was having sex with my then boyfriend, I was on top teasing him, I lifted myself off and he suddenly yelled out “Fuck! I think I just came. I hate when it happens when nothing is touching my dick!”. My mind lit up with all the possibilities and my orgasm ruining career was off to a start and I have never looked back.