Hey, kinksters! Did you miss me? I took some vacation time at the end of February and am just now getting back into the swing of things! One thing that has been pressing on my mind since I have gotten back is how I dress my sissy pets.

When it comes to dressing my sissies, I have some preferences! I love to see thigh high stockings – either fishnet or solids with a delicate lacy trim at the top. Garters Clear pumps aka stripper shoes. A nicely fitted bra complete with breast forms and most importantly – a thong.

There are so many choices when it comes to panties for sissies! French cut bikinis, boy shorts, hip huggers, – even granny panties! But for my sissy pets, the standard issue is a classic racy thong.

You see I firmly believe that all sissies must be treated like the nasty little sluts they are. I like to see them dressed slutty. I like to make them suck cock for me. I like to have them fucked right in their little ass pussies.

And I like to keep them in their sissy outfits during all of that. I want them to feel their clitty sticks straining against those panties. I want them constantly aware of their “uniform”. A reminder of what they are.

The beauty of thong panties is that there is no need to take the panties off for said ass fucking. The ass strap can simply be pulled aside, making way for full access to that little faggot pussy.

Ms. Nadia.