I often get asked if I do racial humiliation and if I will use racial slurs during sessions.

The answer to the first part of that question is an absolute HELL FUCKING YEAH!!! I love all types of humiliation. I don’t shy away from the touchy topics such as making fun of race, religion, sexual orientation, disabilities, etc. If you are a consenting adult and want me to humiliate you to the core – I’m your huckleberry (Yes, Tombstone was on TV this weekend.)

The second part to that question is… It depends. I have no problem using the naughty no no words during a humiliation session with a person that said words apply to. I’ll call YOU whatever you’d like and whatever I damn well please. However, I do not like to use them in other types of calls. So if we are doing a cuckold call – I will only speak of your wife’s black lover with the utmost respect and will demand that you do the same.

And, of course, as a true female supremacist – I don’t use or tolerate degrading terms being said about women on my calls.

Hope that clears things up!